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Castaloy Specs



Just imagine being able to repair anything made of Cast iron using your own propane torch.  No flux!  Normally, to repair Cast iron you would require expensive equipment and extensive training.  Even if you filled those requirements the probability of a failed repair was still great .  Why?  Normally Cast iron repair requires you to bring the base metal up to extremely high temperatures.  Cast iron has a tendency to be intently brittle.  Once the repair is finished the cast iron must cool at an exact graduated rate.  If this does not occur the item will crack or completely shatter.  Rendering the entire piece worthless.  The secret to Castaloy is a high strength repair at a lower temperature 550 deg f.  Castaloy extinguished the cracking problem that has plagued welders for years.  Castaloy repairs:  Pipes, machines, blocks, gearboxes, antiques, pumps, fences, housings, weathervanes, manifolds, tools, furniture, etc.

Plysical Properties:

Melting Range: 450 to 600 deg F/ 232 deg C to 315 C

Hydraulic Pressure up to 900 psi

Rods size .200" x .200" x 14"

Compression Strength 6,000 - 7,000 psi

Shear Strength (Izod): 18 Joules

Ductility: Good

Elongation: 18%  in 2 inches

Electrical Conductivity: 20.9 (%1ACS)




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Three Easy Steps:

Title. Double click me.


Clean the base metal using anything from a wire brush , file, sand paper, grinder etc.  No Flux needed



Heat the base metal using anything from propane on up. Do not heat the Castaloy rod.   Remember the heavier the item the longer it takes to reach 550 deg f.



As soon as the base metal reaches 550

deg f the Castaloy rod will flow.  Back

off with your heat and make your repair.


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