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Copperaloy gives you the ability to repair copper and brass using a regular propane torch.  No Flux!

Copperaloys incredible strength surpasses all.

Copperaloy gives you the ability to repair:  Pipes, gutters, radiators, fixtures, sculptures, pool drains, weather vanes, brackets, molds, evaporators, motors, hydraulic tubing, pumps, boat props, fish farming cages, tools, heating and a/c systems, fences, sheathing, refrigeration, car parts and so much more.

Copper and Brass are both used in an infinite variety of applications ranging from small mass produced parts to rocket production and atomic energy. 

Whatever your application is Copperaloy will make you r repair or fabrication last a lifetime.


Physical Properties:

Tensile Strength   45,000 psi

Pressure    950 psi

Melting temp    850 deg f

Size 3/32" x 14"



Copperaloy Specs



Buy One lb $ 65.00

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Buy 3 lbs $185.00

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Three Easy Steps:

Title. Double click me.


Clean the base metal using anything from a wire brush , file, sand paper, grinder etc.  No Flux needed.

1. Clean

2. Heat


Heat the base metal using anything from propane on up. 

Do not heat the Copperaloy rod.  Remember the heavier the item the longer it takes to reach 850 deg f.


As soon as the base metal reaches 850 deg f the Copperaloy rod will flow.  Back

off with your heat and make your repair.

3. Repair

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