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Just Imagine being able to repair anything made of

Stainless Steel using your own propane torch.  No Flux!  Stainlessaloy gives you the ability to repair or fabricate Stainless Steel with no warpage or distortion of the parent metal.  Stainlessaloy gives you the ability to repair marine hardware, props, hinges, appliances, outdoor furniture, tanks, tubing, sinks, grills, pipes, rims and so much more.  Strong permanent repairs that last a lifetime.


Physical Properties:

Melting range 350 deg f -500 deg f

Electrical Conductivity 23 (%IACS @ 69 deg f

Tensile Strength           11,000 psi

Quantity 18-20 rods per lb 1/8" x 18"




Buy One lb $ 65.00

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Three Easy Steps:

Title. Double click me.


Clean the base metal using anything from a wire brush , file, sand paper, grinder etc.  No Flux needed

1. Clean


Heat the base metal using anything from propane on up. Don't heat the Stainlessaloy rod.  Remember the heavier the item the longer it takes to reach 500 deg f.

2. Heat


As soon as the base metal reaches 500 deg f the Stainlessaloy rod will flow.  Back off with your heat and make your repair.

3. Repair

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