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Alumaloy Pro+




Product Information                 



Just Imagine being able to repair anything

made of Aluminum, Pot Metal , Galvanized

Steel and now copper and brass using your own propane torch. No flux!  No special training.  

Alumaloy Pro+ takes you to the next level giving you the ability to fabricate dissimilar metals, too!

You can repair: Boats, props, storm doors,

ladders, antiques, tools, outboards, motors,

lawn furniture, transmissions, cyclinder

heads, thermostats, radiators, air conditioning lines, condensers, oil pans, motorcycles, bell housings, R.V. parts, gutters, pontoons, molds, rims etc.                      


Alumaloy Pro+


Physical Properties

Tensile Strength lbs/   39,000

Compression Str. lb/   60,000

Shear Strength lbs/      34,000

Electrical Conductivity: 24.9 (%IACS)

Corrosion Penetration: 300 x 106 in 1 1/R

Brinell Hardness                   100

Ductility                              Good

Melting Point                     728 deg f

Density lbs/                 0.25 d


Storage: Dry Storage; ambient temperature




Alumaloy Pro + rod size 1/8" x 18".

Other sizes are available on orders greater than 1000 lbs.    



Buy 1 lb $45.00

Buy 3 lbs $100.00

Save $35.00!

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Three Easy Steps

1. Clean


Clean the base metal using anything from a wire brush, file, sand paper, grinder etc.  No Flux needed

2. Heat


Heat the base metal using

anything from propane on up. 

Do not heat Alumaloy Pro +. Remember the heavier the item

the longer it takes to reach

728 deg f.  When working on Copper and Brass heat the base metal to 928 deg.  

3. Repair


As soon as the base metal

reaches 728 deg f Alumaloy Pro+ rod will flow.  Back off with your heat and make your repair.

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